Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Front Yard Adventures

Armadillo's aren't an every day occurrence around here, but the other day, the dogs sure had fun tormenting this one!  I didn't know they could run so fast!

Christmas Celebrations

We had a fairly quiet Christmas this year since Chelan's brother and family did not come home this year.  It was strange not having them here, but we took advantage of the slower pace and enjoyed a much-deserved break from busy-ness!  Our family celebrated on Christmas morning and then we went to Grandma and Grandpa's the following Wed. for another one.  Memories were made, scores of games were played, frigid temperatures were endured, and copious amounts of food were devoured during our two-week vacation!
Almost looks real, doesn't it?

Caiden's gift from Cambry - a yard of Twix!

Rubik's Race was popular in our house - a gift to Caiden
from  Delaney

Delaney's swimming pool set

Cambry is working on her
airplane/airport set and enjoying her
new headphones

Our Christmas dinner:  BBQ brisket, mashed potatoes,
zwieback, snap peas, and rosy applesauce - with the
fancy china, of course!

Delaney's new Karaoke machine!

Reading the Christmas story at Grandma and Grandpa's

The kids are working on opening their gifts

Grandpa made these crosses out of barbed wire! (no endorsement
of Jerry Moran intended)  :)

And Grandma made these
beautiful blankets for each
grandchild - that's 8 blankets
WITH a broken arm!  They have
been well-used already!
One of Caiden's gifts from us was a trip to Manhattan for a K-State Men's Basketball game.  We made the trip with my parents on New Year's Day to watch them play #6 West Virginia.  They came up short, but we still had a great time.  Standing in the student section for the whole game was definitely a new experience!

It's been a good break, but I think I'm ready to get back into the routine of things!  Bring on 2018!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

O Holy Night

Christmas Eve - my favorite night of the year.  Favorite for many reasons:  family traditions; the children's retelling of Jesus' birth; pondering what that birth really means for each of us in a dark but candlelit sanctuary; a full, over-crowded lobby as family and friends reconnect after the church program; our race back to my parents' house to celebrate our own family Christmas.  It's all the good things wrapped up in one blessed, holy night!

 All three of our children were in the same portion of the church program this year:  Caiden was one of the narrators, Delaney sang in the choir, and Cambry made an appearance as an angel! 

 Cousin Time!
Delaney wanted to sing "O Tannenbaum" at church this year:

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

'Twas the Week Before Christmas . . .

The week before Christmas was certainly busy:  finishing up at school, one school Christmas program, Christmas Eve program practice, a 2nd grade Christmas party, cheer clinic, and one last gymnastics class before the break. It felt busy, but I enjoyed it all - and so did Delaney, as most of these activities were hers!

She was thrilled to be up on
Makayla's shoulders!

Delaney's beloved 2nd grade teacher,
Mrs. Ann Hiebert

A few of the 2nd grade girls:  Jo, Lydia R., Delaney, and Quinli

She just loves to sing!

Thursday, November 23, 2017


The first weekend in November was the Marion County 4-H Achievement Banquet.  Cambry put quite a bit of work into her record books this year and it paid off with county awards in visual arts and clothing!  She also received her clover pin (3 year member).  The Goessel Goal Getters were represented very well at the banquet - one of the largest (or the largest) clubs in the county!  Way to go, Goessel and Cambry!

Junior High Fall Concert:
6th-8th Grade Band

7th-8th Grade Choir

We actually got this guy into a tie!!
(thanks to the grandmas)
On to basketball:  So far, the A Team boys are 1-1.  Their first game didn't go so well, but they had an excellent game this past Monday against Rural Vista.  We had never seen Caiden be so aggressive or score so many points.  It was fun to be on the winning end of a "blow-out" for a change!  We think he gained a lot of confidence during that game, which will hopefully carry through the rest of the season.

Coach Brittany Hiebert, Jake Wiens, and Caiden are talking
things over at the end of the game


Delaney wanted to be a cowgirl for Halloween, which meant she got into a pair of actual, boot-cut jeans for the first time . . . EVER!  At school, she wore a cute jean skirt, but it was pretty cold on Halloween night, so she just wore the jeans.  Cambry chose to dress up like her dad - a farmer.  Since it was so cold, she wore her coat underneath the flannel shirt.  Her costume came about because we hadn't really thought about a costume for her.  Yay for Dad's closet!

Playing Catch-Up

I guess I haven't blogged in over 3 months - it's time to play catch-up:

August/Sept.:  We were busy on Thursday nights with both football and volleyball this year.  Most nights, Cambry played at the same time as Caiden, so we had to hop around a bit!  Caiden's team did well - they finished 4-3.  He got to play a little bit of everything this year:  quarterback, guard, some other positions I don't know the names of, and I even saw him kickoff a couple of times.  Cambry's team did well too!  They even finished 2nd at the Hesston C team tournament (to Goessel's B Team)!  She did really enjoy it and plans on playing again next year. 

These fb pics are from the scrimmage at the beginning of the year:

playing qb

hand-off to Caleb?

Waiting to be introduced
Volleyball pics from the B/C Team Tournament:

Cambry qualified for the State Fair in both foods and clothing.  We had to find time to fit in baking molasses cookies during the school week - not an easy task.  She ended up with a red on those.  Her pants, however, received a purple!  We were so proud of her and took a trip to the fair to see them in person!

Fun on the train - always my favorite!